I began my career as Co-ordinator of Communications and Marketing at ECS School in Montréal, where I worked for 5 years while completing my B.F.A. at Concordia University. I worked on the 4th floor, nicknamed the floor of dreams, where students had the opportunity to envision creative projects, learn media production skills, and play with technology. There was a sense of play to my environment that gave me the opportunity me to capture and produce compelling communications and marketing content for a range of audiences involved with the school.



  • Created a majority of the school’s communications and promotional materials; responsible for writing, graphic design, website management, and print production.
  • Served as as photographer, videographer, and storyteller, weaving media content to create narrative of educational excellence and student life; worked with faculty and staff to publish student projects.
  • Published high-impact, data-driven, bilingual content for School’s website; improved site performance by 300% over one semester by collaborating with students to publish their work online
  • Co-ordinated school fairs, Open Houses, and admissions events; trained and supported student Ambassadors to showcase the educational technology curriculum and Girls in STEM programs.

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curriculum 12-13




Montreal, Quebec · 2017-2012
For more info: www.ecs.qc.ca